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Orcish Inn is a farming, survival and tavern simulation game in which you raise crops, brew beer and build a tavern.

"I was playing some game and it was awesome and I was really excited to play it and to record it and stuff. This is the one! I'm so excited! It's fantastic!", Sips/Yogscast

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Hey! I'm Steven Colling , a solo-developer from Germany who creates Orcish Inn with the help of @headchant , who creates the audio.

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Release: Question Mark Icon

The game is done when it's done—there isn't even a year! If you see a "release year" somewhere, I probably was forced to set it to something...

Stores: Steam Icon & Others

Orcish Inn will be available on Steam for sure, and other storefronts are very likely.

Platforms: Windows Icon & Linux Icon

Windows 7/10 and common Linux distributions work fine. You can check the free pre-alpha version to see if it runs on your computer, but the system requirements can get higher during the alpha.

Price: Question Mark Icon

There's no information about the price, sorry!

Farming challenges you to have a good eye for wetness, plant density and many other properties as well as to choose the right types of crops and where to plant them.


Brewing transforms your handpicked crops into malt, wort and finally beer and your choice of alcoholic strength, bitterness and more will influence how customers behave.


Constructing floors, walls and objects individually let you assemble the tavern and production facilities of your dreams, including a complex piping system to move items around.


Serving your beer to customers and setting up a nice rest room will raise your social rank step by step. Prepare for quests, the occasional pub brawls and much more along the way!


Surviving weather and seasons and staying satiated and rested requires both processing your harvest and crafting useful items out of resources gathered in the wilderness.


So much more awaits you in Orcish Inn, like fishing, trading, exploring biomes and playing tavern games. Finding this out on your own is half the fun!

Random Fact: Did you know, that... fish are actually entities swimming around in water and trigger a bump on your fishing rod if near? [F5]

Beer, yay!

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